These are just a few of the many services we provide.  Please contact us with any of your property needs.  We believe in quality and not quantitative.  Contact Will @ OSS, your local area contractor with over 15 years of experience waiting to work for you.

Bathroom Repairs, Bathroom Renovations, Bath Fixes, Bathroom Vents

We have done a number of bathroom repairs and renovations, from fixture replacement to tile and back splash repair.  We have contract plumbers to replace those cracked toilets, and fix those leaks under the sink.


We provide a number of carpentry repairs and installations, from flooring, ceramic tile, painting, siding replacement, soffits and fascia replacement.  We make repairs to almost every aspect of your property

Lot Clearing, Dumpster Rental And More.  Need that lot or fence line cleared, or hill cut down in the middle of yard, tired of water flowing through yard.  Call today for all your excavation and dirt needs.  We have the equipment and skills for the job,

We buy Houses

OSS has an acquisition department, who concentrate on getting you out of those drowning situations.  Many times due to death of a love one, you acquire property that is dilapidated, and with funeral cost, you can not deal with the head ache.  Call OSS, and speak with one of our acquisition specialist.


Have an old barn or garage that you would like to get off your property, or grandmas old house.  Call today for free quote on demolish and haul off.

Lawn Service

Tired of that overgrown lawn and need your lawn maintained. Let our Lawn Service division assist you in bringing back life to your commercial and residential lawns.  Bush hogging is available as well!

Zoom, Zoom, Ring Cameras, Ring, Ring, Ring Installations
Construction Technology

Let our technology construction division design the perfect Zoom conference room and office for you.  They have over 20 years of technology experience to implement video conferencing into your existing space.  We have partnerships with Licensed small voltage companies, for all your network wiring  needs. Video Surveillance available as well.

Replace Lights, Lights Replacement, Mississippi Home Repairs, Lights, LED Lights

Tired of those 1970's lights, let OSS switch out those tired light fixtures and upgrade those bulbs to LED/SMART.  We can also change out that bathroom air vent, to a quieter, bluetooth music playing vent.  Call Today.

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