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Simple Home Security

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

About 10 years ago, we began getting hundreds of request, to mount and configure IP Cloud camera system for customers. Many of these cameras at the time were wire were wired, which required us to solicit the help of our trusted licensed low voltage partners at Professional Wiring which was more expensive, due to the cost of running Cat 5/6 wire. With the evolution of Ring cameras, you can now have a simple security system installed at a fractional of the cost of traditional wired surveillance systems and DVRs. We have installed hundreds for Ring cameras for businesses and home customers throughout the area. For the price, these cameras really give you a sense of protection. Ideally, you can have these cameras mounted and configure at an average cost of $50-$75 per camera by one of our professionals. The Ring stickup cameras have more requirements, but are good inexpensive solutions, compared to high end system such as Hik-Vision.

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